How to Transfer Balance in NTC ( A Complete Guide)


NTC stands for Nepal Telecom, a public company introduced by the Government of Nepal. The Government of Nepal holds 51% of the shares, and 49% of Nepal Telecom's shares are distributed among Nepali citizens.

It is one of the most profitable companies in Nepal and is well-managed. Nepal Telecom has a network system covering the entire country, making it the most reliable mobile network company in Nepal.

Additionally, Nepal Telecom provides various services such as internet, telephone, fax services, and both wired and wireless fast and secure internet connections. The data systems are transferred through optical fiber cables.

In this article, we will describe the step-by-step process of NTC balance transfer. A large number of people in Nepal use NTC SIM cards due to their reliability and extensive network coverage.

Overview of NTC Balance Transfer and Its Significance

Balance transfer refers to the process of transferring credit from one mobile device to another. It involves sending balance from one prepaid NTC SIM to another prepaid NTC SIM. There are several methods of balance transfer, and here we will provide different methods for achieving this.

In Nepal, over 50% of users prefer NTC SIM cards, making it the most popular choice in the country. The balance transfer feature is essential as it proves useful during recharging or in case of balance shortage on the SIM card. Balance transfer is considered secure and trusted in Nepal due to its high-security features.

Brief Mention of Popular Search Queries Related to NTC Balance Transfer

Many people search for a step-by-step guide on balance transfer but struggle to find useful information. Here, we provide easy and trusted methods provided by Nepal Telecom for balance transfer:

  • People search for 'How to transfer balance in NTC' to learn the easy method of transferring balance between NTC SIM cards.

  • Users also want to know how to transfer balance without a security code, seeking methods of balance transfer without the need for a security code.
  • Some users search for how to transfer balance from NTC to Ncell, indicating interest in cross-network balance transfer.

How To Transfer Balance in NTC: A Comprehensive Guide

There are three methods to transfer balance on NTC:

  • Nepal Telecom App: Use the Nepal Telecom app to transfer balance.
  • USSD Transfer: Dial *422 "security code" * "destination mobile number" * "amount" # to transfer balance.
  • Nepal Telecom Website: Visit to transfer balance.


  • Allowed Transfer: Rs. 10 - Rs. 500 per transfer, with a maximum of 20 transfers per day.
  • Balance transfer is only available for Prepaid GSM users.

NTC Balance Transfer Without Security Code

You can transfer balance on NTC using the website and NTC app, but not through USSD code if you do not have a security code.

NTC to NTC Balance Transfer

You can transfer balance from one NTC mobile number to another using USSD codes.

NTC to Ncell Balance Transfer

Currently, there is no facility for NTC to Ncell balance transfer. Ncell is a private telecommunication company, whereas NTC is semi-governmental.

Obtaining Security Code for NTC Balance Transfer

To obtain a security code for balance transfer:

  1. Open your message app.
  2. Type 'scode' and send it to 1415.
  3. You will receive your security code via message.

Optimizing NTC Balance Transfer for Commercial Use

For commercial use, utilize Nepal Telecom's website for recharging, activating NTC SIM cards, purchasing voice/data packs, and other purposes. You can also become a reseller of Nepal Telecom to access additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to transfer balance in NTC?

  • Dial 422 "security code" * "destination mobile number" * "amount" # on your mobile device.

  • How to transfer balance in NTC without security code?

  • Use the NTC app or website for balance transfer; USSD code transfer is not possible without a security code.

  • How to transfer balance in NTC to NTC?

  • Use USSD code: 422 "security code" * "destination mobile number" * "amount" #

  • How to get a security code to transfer balance in NTC?

  • Open your message app, type 'scode', and send it to 1415; you will receive your security code via message.

  • How to transfer balance in NTC from Ncell?

  • Currently, balance transfer between NTC and Ncell is not supported.


Transferring balance on NTC is easy using different methods but can be challenging without proper guidance.

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