Download Nepal Parichaya 11th Edition 2080 pdf

Introduction About Nepal Paichaya

Nepal parichaya is a book published by the Ministry of Information, This is the 11th time they have published Nepal is a beautiful country having the world's top mountain Mt. Everest, and it is the birthplace of lord Gautam Buddha. The beautiful landscape variety of culture and traditions and other different things makes it as a tourist attraction place. 

Download Nepal Parichaya 2080

From 2070 they started to publish yearly It provides a large volume of information regarding Nepal it provides full information about Nepal we are going to describe what is inside it. 

Basic Information About Nepal Parichaya 

  • Published by: Government of Nepal Department of Information 
  • Author: Government of Nepal 
  • Date of publication: 2080 Aswin 30(October 12)
  • Edition: 11th

How to Download Nepal Parichaya 

We are providing you two options to download Nepal Parichaya; This is the main book to find out the full information about the present, past, and Future of Nepal. It could be an important document for the student of Loksewa also, 

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Download Nepal Parichaya from this site:

The first one is you can download it by clicking the given download button in Nepali Language. The size of the PDF file is only 3.08 MB.

In Nepali Language

In English Language 

Download from the official website: 

The second method is, you can download it by clicking the official website. We have created the download button, here you can visit the official website and download button.

We have also downloaded the original file from the official site and provided you the option to download it. 

What is inside Nepal Parichaya 

Nepal Parichaya provides full information of Nepal about landscape population cast ethnicity and everything 

It provides the information of tourism culture caste after reading all this it provides the full information on Nepal.

What are the new things added to Nepal Parichaya? 

In this latest edition, We have seen the recent population and other different information has been added by downloading the PDF file you can see all the information:
  1. Population: In this new Nepal Parichaya Recent census of, 2078 has been added. All detailed information has been added there, such as. Total population, population according to province wise, district wise, and other different merits. 
  2. Recent diplomat relation
  3. History and Culture
  4. Language etc.
We have seen that Nepal parichaya has been updated recently on October 17, 2023  (BS 2080/06/30)
We have added the new link of download there 
We have seen that most of the things are same there but the new updated Nepal parichaya have recent update of census 2078. Department of census have verified and change the total population of nepal and many other's data there. So that they published it 10th edition has been released on Asad 2080 and again they release 11th edition on aswin 2080


 Nepal Parichaya is an amazing publication, which reveals the beauty and history of Nepal as well as its different aspects. A valuable resource for exploring Nepal's culture, traditions, and natural wonders is the 11th edition, published in 2080. You'll be able to experience the charming landscapes of Nepal, Immerse yourself in its fascinating heritage when you download this PDF version.

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