Driving License Exam Questions PDF, Nepal

In this blog article, we are going to provide a collection of questions prepared by the Government of Nepal's Department of Transport Management System. We will present a list of driving license exam questions. This is highly important because 20 questions from this list will be asked in the driving license written examination.

download driving license examination question pdf

In accordance with the new rules of transport management, a list of questions has been compiled. Questions will be generated from this list, and if you study these questions thoroughly, you can easily secure good marks in the written examination for a driving license.

Driving License Examination Model:

- 20 questions will be asked.

- The total full marks are 100.

- The pass mark is 40.

- Each question carries a weight of 5 marks.

- The time allotted for the written examination is 30 minutes.

Why is it important to read these questions?

It is important to read the questions we have provided because 20 questions will be selected for the exam from this question set.

The Importance of a Driving License:

Having a driving license in Nepal is crucial. Without a driving license, you cannot operate a vehicle. In case of accidents or issues, having a driving license makes it easier to deal with legal matters. To purchase a vehicle, you must first obtain a driving license.

Challenges in Obtaining a Driving License:

Obtaining a driving license is not a difficult task, but it can become challenging if you are not well-prepared. You need to pass both the written examination and the driving test. By studying the questions provided by the Transport Management System mentioned 

here, you can easily pass the written examination. After passing the written examination, you must also pass the practical driving test. To succeed in the practical test, it is essential to practice.

To prepare for the test examination, you can visit the nearest driving practice institute, where you can learn driving and pass the practical driving examination. 

We previously discussed the application process obtaining a driving license, which you can read and apply by clicking here.

How to Access Sample Questions Provided by the Department of Transport of Nepal:

To access the list of questions for the driving license written examination, we have compiled a collection by searching the Department of Transport Management. Here is the list of PDF questions:

- Driving license test examination for motorcycles (Category A)

- Driving license test examination for scooters and mopeds (Category K)

- Driving license test examination for cars, jeeps, and delivery vans (Category B)

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We have provided a collection of essential questions provided by the Department of Transport Management of Nepal. This will be helpful to anyone who wishes to pass the written examination and can be beneficial to our readers as well
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