Download Nepal Parichaya, 2080 11th Edition

"Nepal Parichaya" is a book published by the Government of Nepal, and it is released annually. 

This comprehensive publication covers various aspects of Nepal, including its land, geography, population, history, culture, literature, and more.

We are pleased to offer the PDF file of "Nepal Parichaya" free of charge. 

You can find the download links below:

Download Nepal Parichaya in PDF

- Download Nepal Parichaya 11th edition in Nepali language

- Download Nepal Parichaya 11th edition in English language 

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If you prefer a physical copy, you can purchase the "Nepal Parichaya" book from Daraz Online Shopping

Introduction to "Nepal Parichaya":

"Nepal Parichaya" has been published by the Government of Nepal's Department of Information since 2060 BS. 

The current edition is the 11th, and the most recent version was published on 2080 Asoj 30 (October 12, 2023). 

This edition consists of 416 pages.

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You can also buy "Nepal Parichaya" from various bookshops. 

The link to purchase it from Daraz Online Shopping is provided earlier.

Section of Nepal Parichaya

The 11th edition of "Nepal Parichaya" is divided into eleven sections, each containing specific information:

1. Geographical Information

2. History of Nepal

3. Information about the Constitution and its Development

4. Public Administration

5. Economic Development

6. Social Life and Culture of Nepal

7. Nepalese Language, Literature, and Arts

8. Infrastructure Development and its Progress

9. Nepalese Communication and Journalism

10. Foreign Policy and International Relations

11. Information about Places of Importance in Religion, Culture, and Tourism

What's new in the latest edition of "Nepal Parichaya"?

In the latest edition, you'll find recent population data and additional information. By downloading the PDF file, you can access details such as:

- Population: The 2078 census data, including total population, provincial population breakdown, district-wise figures, and more.

- Recent Diplomatic Relations

- History and Culture

- Language, and more.

This updated version of "Nepal Parichaya" was released on October 17, 2023 (BS 2080/06/30), and we've added a new download link.

Notably, the recent update includes the 2078 census data, as verified by the Department of Census. 

This data has resulted in changes to Nepal's total population and other statistics. 

As a result, the 10th edition was released in Asad 2080, and the 11th edition followed in Aswin 2080.


"Nepal Parichaya" offers a wealth of information about Nepal, covering all aspects of the country. It is an essential resource for anyone looking to learn about Nepal.

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